LifeVoxel AI and HBLS Partner to Work on Innovative Medical Solution

LifeVoxel AI and HBLS Partner to Work on Innovative Medical Solution

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Sunday, January 16, 2022

Ron Pirucki, Senior Partner, Harrison Bay Life Sciences

LifeVoxel AI and HBLS are entering a partnership to deliver a medical imaging streaming platform.

FREMONT, CA: LifeVoxel AI, a SaaS platform for medical imagining, has partnered with Harrison Bay Life Sciences (HBLS) to deliver a unique medical platform. The zero-latency medical imaging technology, LifeVoxel, will enable the streaming of medical imaging, giving doctors unmatched access to patients' medical images while ensuring safety measures for COVID-19. Under the partnership, HBLS will be the sole distributor of LifeVoxel.

“We look forward to leveraging HBLSs experience in bringing medical devices and technologies to market. Their experienced team and existing relationships with physicians and medical facilities will help to enable more teams to experience the benefits of our technology,” says Kovey Kovalan, Founder, LifeVoxel AI.

The new offering from LifeVoxel AI transmits medical images with zero latency by making use of artificial intelligence and supercomputing capabilities. Physicians can use LifeVoxel to view any medical image on any web browser using a mobile device. The solution limits the need for a costly PACS system that is conventionally used to store and manage medical imaging. Besides, by reducing the need for physical medical facilities, the technology contributes towards preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“LifeVoxels intelligent visualization technology enables users to view, analyze, and store large medical images in real time, on any internet-enabled device. This not only helps to improve workflow and reduce costs, but it improves results due to superior visualization. LifeVoxel is also FDA cleared, and HIPAA compliant,” says Kovalan, talking about the new platform.

“We’re very excited about the possibilities of LifeVoxel A. It is a real-time, cross experience imaging tool, which allows users to view and interact with large, detailed images on any device, from anywhere. The proprietary software merges and renders simultaneous realities without latency, offering meaningful collaboration around the world,” comments Ron Pirucki, a Senior Partner and Founder at HBLS.

HBLS is a medical device commercialization service provider that helps medical device start-ups to succeed. It helps with FDA approvals, market analysis, market-entry, promotions, and much more. 

LifeVoxel AI offers internet-based visualization techniques that contribute to the delivery of critical care and effective diagnostics.

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