Making Personalized Healthcare Efficient

Making Personalized Healthcare Efficient

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, August 23, 2019

Customized digital health solutions will address and improve the complications related to drug leadership issue for individual clients and the entire healthcare system.

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to medication, drug-to-drug interactions have dangerous repercussions on lives or mortality and trigger severe negative responses. Naturally, to avoid such abnormalities, doctors and physicians are utilizing Electronic medical records (EMR) programs and digital prescription devices to analyze drug-to-drug interaction. But what occurs when a person meets a new physician or expert who is unaware of the previous medications which are already in place? Furthermore, when an operator checks a person and recommends therapy for a specific condition, the prescribed medication is often assumed to be used by the patient. However, doctors cannot fully comprehend if a patient genuinely takes the necessary medication or not.

On the other hand, nearly 40 percent of prescribed pharmaceuticals are projected not to function for individual patients. In some cases, even mortality of the patient can lead to adverse drug reactions (ADR) and poisoning. Redundant medicines can be issued if a distributor does not have any knowledge about current prescriptions. Moreover, medication management is more in line with any of the other interoperability problems in terms of interoperability.

In order to achieve early recognition of the critical effects for prescribed medication, Pharmazam, a healthcare management technology service provider introduces a customized management and healthcare system for medicines in real-time. Furthermore, the personally-tailored medical management model and formulation will save lives, deter life-threatening ADRs, enhance drug effectiveness, increase pharmacological treatment, and ultimately lower the cost of health care expenses for people, organizations, and governments around the world. On the other hand, the involvement of pharmacogenomics plays a crucial role in customizing medicines based on a data-driven approach.

The Pharmazam Pharmacogenetic (PGx) test comprises of an extensive DNA report, and a specimen gathered using FDA approved devices. Pharmazam combines a physician-ordered exam with a proprietary software implementation to provide an alternative to the sample-data issue. As the sensitive specimen is sent for handling and genotyping to a CLIA-certified clinical laboratory in accordance with HIPAA and other data protection laws, all outcomes are kept private and secure. Furthermore, Pharmazam software makes it much easier for customers to inspect medications and prevent drugs merely by using their mobile to scan the barcode of narcotics. In addition to determining which medication is best for specific individuals, Pharmazam's app also enables users to follow or respond to any drug entered immediately for all known side effects.

With a commitment to positively influence personal healthcare, Pharmazam unlocks the full potential of forthcoming therapeutics. By incorporating genetics, the source of allergies, drug relationships, and other patient features to provide and select the most effective drugs will be elevated. Pharmazam will remain apart with its doctor-prescribed strategy applying the recent science advantages.

Using the proprietary Genetic Drug and PharmD databases, the Pharmazam model will analyze the data effectively. The patented algorithm of Pharmazam can directly examine more than 130,000 prescribed medication and anti-drugs, using leading domestic medication and healthcare records to connect them to the present health profile of each patient. Pharmazam's system creates intricate and up-to-date details about the unique genetic makeup of an individual which couples with their private healthcare profile before prescribing or purchasing the drugs from the counter. This structure of medication management permits healthcare professionals to generate the greatest feasible judgment about which medication is best suits the patient and assists the researchers in eliminating the trial and error process.

Even now, prescription management is one of the most difficult parts owing to the significant amount of products of each medication, naming synonyms, and different compendia. However, the complicated relationship between the genetic identity of a person and its impact on general wellness will be streamlined by Pharmazam's medication management system.



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