Marking the Onset of Full-Fledged Digital Security with...

Marking the Onset of Full-Fledged Digital Security with Blockchain-Enabled Protocol

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A robust, secure, fully compliant digital security protocol is a must for healthcare companies, and they realize this transformation that comes with blockchain as a possible way to secure their sensitive data.

FREMONT, CA: “We are excited to partner with KoreConX in creating our security token protocol. This innovative platform makes it easy to manage our security token offering and investor base, allowing us to focus on our core mission of improving health and lowering costs. The KoreConX team is incredibly knowledgeable and has been great to work with,” remarks Dr.Vishal Verma, Co-founder of MintHealth, a global platform for healthcare, which has chosen to adopt the KoreProtocol as its official protocol to streamline and sophisticate the digital security suite.

The protocol offers great abilities to manage company compliance activities — this protocol based on blockchain and its derivatives to enhance digital securities, strong, safe, and compliant. The software solution serves as an end-to-end platform to ensure both security and compliance.

The unique health-based platform aligns healthcare stakeholders around the shared vision of patient empowerment and improved clinical outcomes at lower costs. It facilitates companies to accomplish calculated health and economic outcomes with their existing services through a universal user reward and redemption marketplace.

MintHealth chronicles itself as a ‘patient engagement platform-as-a-service’ which necessitates leveraging blockchain technology to introduce efficiency, transparency, and cost effectiveness, into healthcare. Along their alley towards establishing a partnership with KoreConX, MintHealth has markedly worked with other companies such as Polymath, Microsoft, OpenFinance Network, to list a few. 

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