MedInformatix-Intelligent Medical Objects Partnership Brings Next...

MedInformatix-Intelligent Medical Objects Partnership Brings Next Generation Medical Terminology to EHR

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA: Electronic health records innovator MedInformatix recently announced a partnership with Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO), a market leader in medical terminology solutions for the electronic health records (EHR) space. As part of the relationship, MedInformatix will include IMO’s medical terminology solutions in its award-winning EHR, allowing healthcare providers to access and use a sweeping glossary of medical terms and concepts to document and deliver patient care and, if they haven’t already, begin making the transition from largely uncoded to coded clinical data.

“IMO represents another blue-chip strategic partnership for us,” said Pat McGonigle, chief executive officer of MedInformatix. “Their proprietary medical terminology platform is the most comprehensive solution in all of healthcare. Its seamless integration with the MedInformatix EHR will bring an even greater ease of use and workflow to our clients and help them deliver quality, patient-centric care.”   

MedInformatix has already begun to integrate IMO’s Procedure IT, a clinician and workflow-friendly solution that selects the best billing or reference code for procedure terminology; and Problem IT, a clinical diagnosis and problem list vocabulary containing specialized terms for clinicians, coders and patients.

IMO’s platform presents medical terms in both hierarchical and semantic classifications, allowing healthcare professionals to easily find and enter terms at the point-of-care of over 800,000 clinical concepts mapping to five million terms and more than 100 reference and reimbursement code sets. For patients, the terminology is presented in lay terms that enables them to better understand their condition and participate in the delivery of their care.

Used at more than 3,500 hospitals and by 450,000 physicians and clinicians daily, IMO’s terminology is the most widely accepted medical terminology solution for the management of medical vocabularies and software applications at healthcare organizations worldwide.


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