Merger of services, CrisSoft Development built Heartland's...

Merger of services, CrisSoft Development built Heartland's eCommerce services into top ten Practice Management Solution, Mercury Medical.

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CrisSoft, LLC is committed to their partnership with prestigious payment processor Heartland. CrisSoft, a software development corporation based out of San Antonio Texas, began working with Heartland in 2016. In that time Mercury Medical users were able to streamline payments, create recurring charges and expedite funds into bank accounts, making collection efforts simple and secure. In 2017, with efforts moving to the Cloud, CrisSoft evaluated different payment processors to build into Mercury Cloud products, the decision was clear when Heartland surpassed the technological requirements, security standards, and customer care necessary to partner with CrisSoft and access their elite customer base.

Further, Mercury One, CrisSoft’s newest solution for the small-scale clinics, which is offered exclusively on the Cloud, comes with Heartland eCommerce Services ready for sign up. All Mercury One users are encouraged to become a Heartland Merchant Account and begin utilizing both companies’ robust services to begin processing payments, connecting patients to online payment portals, further accelerating collections and the distribution of funds into the appropriate accounts. “We are elated to be offering this service with our valued partner to our customers.” -Staci Schoellhorn, Director of Operations, CrisSoft LLC.

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