Michael Garron Hospital Adopts Healthcare Administration Automation...

Michael Garron Hospital Adopts Healthcare Administration Automation Solution ARMADA

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 05, 2021

hims.ai reported that Michael Garron Hospital has effectively leveraged its healthcare administration automation solution ARMADA.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, hims.ai reported that Michael Garron Hospital, a significant community hospital in Toronto, Canada, has effectively leveraged its healthcare administration automation solution ARMADA (automated resource matching & deployment application) to assist personnel, resource management, and deployment during the COVID-19 pandemic. MGH utilizes ARMADA to handle workers' redeployment from surplus departments to vital departments undergoing a COVID-19 surge.

Hes.ai is a software platform for no-code data processing and process automation for automating healthcare administration. Along with ARMADA, hims.ai provides a broad range of pre-built applications for hospitals and health centres to automate procedures usually done by spreadsheets, PDFs, and other manual mechanisms for onboarding or off-boarding of employees, requests for PTO/LOA requests for IT security access, and renewals of licensing/credentialing. Hims.ai helps hospital administrators and HR managers without any technological experience to quickly fine-tune the applications to their specifications and be up and running in only a few days without the need for IT resources.

"The true problem we were looking to solve was staffing the hospital in the middle of a pandemic," said Taylor Martin, Manager, Clinical Resource Team and New Nursing Initiatives at Michael Garron Hospital. "If you're going to be able to provide that critical care to patients who are sick, you need to have the right staff available and assigned where they're needed. The problem that ARMADA solves at the highest level is making sure that we are adequately staffed and that the resources are allocated appropriately," Taylor said.

"My group had the critical role of staff allocation. We were faced with a continuous flood of data and information across telephone calls, person to person interactions, emails, and Excel spreadsheets from surplus staff eager to help on the one hand, and scores of urgent requests for staff on the other. Add to this further communication for every allocation," said Taylor.

ARMADA helps MGH take various data inputs and bring them together in a standardized format and as a single source of usable and precise information. At the click of a button, workers have access to this information through a secure portal. It leads to decreased data mistakes and removes miscommunication, duplication of data and effort, and the need to explain things to people repeatedly.

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