Moving toward Smart Gyms with IoT

Moving toward Smart Gyms with IoT

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gyms and sports classes are utilizing IoT powered technologies to attract customers and to improve their overall experience.

FREMONT, CA: Offering a range of applications from healthcare to supply chain and smart devices, internet of things (IoT) is ready to prove its strongholds in fitness too. IoT is being created as a single network aimed at providing maximum comfort to the people. Currently, the most affordable IoT sports solutions include smart sportswear, fitness trackers, and connected sports equipment.

IoT is helping to monitor health status with the help of sensors that can measure blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate. IoT is increasingly getting into fitness and gyms too. Here are the five IoT based technology trends that are transforming the fitness experience:

Collective Fitness

Today, the gyms are increasingly using wireless sensors that are helping the members to monitor their work rate. The instructors are better-equipped with the data that help them to understand and serve the needs of various group members.

Immersive VR

With the proliferation of AR in smartphones and VR gaming experiences, people are getting inclined toward immersive experiences. With VR devices, fitness seekers can get immersed within the illusion of a virtual environment providing them with experiences that they can’t access in real life.

Shared Tracking

It’s crucial for people to share their experience with family and friends as such activities motivate them. According to Gartner, over 30 percent of the users abandon the use of wearable trackers. It happens because people quickly get bored with raw data that they cannot share or get feedback. Thus the app developers are using this psychological characteristic in the concept of app development.

Enhanced Experience for Fitness Enthusiasts

Gyms and sports classes are utilizing IoT powered technologies to attract customers and to improve their overall experience. They are even using a personalized approach to their clients. Moreover, training equipment provides the members with additional challenges such as to evaluate their current performance based on their past performances.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are becoming an integral part of the wearable that helps the users to share the valuable health data to the cloud. Modern gyms are also using rating systems. For instance, using wireless sensors, gyms can display the heart rate of each visitor.

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