Mpowerhealth Introduces The 360carenav Digital Platform

Mpowerhealth Introduces The 360carenav Digital Platform

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 06, 2022

The proprietary platform offers a complete end-to-end solution for enhancing musculoskeletal care delivery while cutting costs.

Fremont, CA: MPOWERHealth has introduced MPOWERHealth 360CareNav, a proprietary digital platform with industry-leading advanced machine learning and an enterprise data ecosystem that includes predictive risk and cost modeling. The platform offers a complete solution for enhancing musculoskeletal care delivery while lowering overall healthcare costs.

MPOWERHealth 360CareNav improves patient happiness, lowers readmission rates, and optimizes quality outcomes by adhering to scientifically driven care pathways and cost algorithms that become smarter over time as a result of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

360CareNav provides an end-to-end patient engagement experience that combines digital health solutions, including telehealth, remote physiological monitoring, and total care coordination among providers to guarantee the best possible outcomes.

This patient-centric technology improves outcomes while reducing risk, ushering in the next generation of population health management and filling a hole in specialty care. MPOWERHealth 360CareNav increases care plan implementation, patient education, medication management, and the stability of chronic illnesses known to escalate, from transitional care to remote care and chronic care management.

MPOWERHealth is committed to improving healthcare by providing new solutions for specialized physicians, hospitals, and payors. Its services include:

• Integrated physician networks encourage collaboration among neuromusculoskeletal physicians to improve quality.

• Best-in-class intraoperative neuromonitoring and surgical assist services for physicians, hospitals, health systems, and medical facilities.

• Bundled solutions for payors and employers that provide direct access to the highest level of conservative spine care at a fixed cost.

"Our goal with MPOWERHealth 360CareNav is to create personalized health care that meets each individual patient's needs all in one platform. Organizations that are patient-centric and outcome-driven are well equipped to succeed and meet the needs of value-based care," LaRoque said.

"Musculoskeletal conditions account for an estimated $600 billion in annual spending in the U.S. when factoring in both direct and indirect costs, such as lost productivity, complications and care inefficiencies, in part due to poor patient engagement and lack of real-time data insight for providers," said Scott LaRoque, CEO and founder of MPOWERHealth. "Through technology and guardrails driven by analytics, our 360CareNav platform helps to close the gap between the cost and quality of musculoskeletal care.

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