Navitus Health Solutions Announces SMS-based Programto Earn...

Navitus Health Solutions Announces SMS-based Programto Earn Discounts on Prescription Copays

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

An innovative technology-based approach enables patients to save on copays for specific drugs when they take their medication as prescribed.

FREMONT, CA: Navitus Health Solutions, a full pass-through pharmacy benefits management company, announces a new SMS-based program that will enable eligible Navitus members to earn discounts on their prescription copays by taking their medications as prescribed. This program intends to reduce medication costs and improve member health.

Costs associated with medication can be a barrier to patients taking their medication as directed by their doctor and pharmacist. As per  U.S. Food & Drug Administration, medication is not taken as prescribed 50 percent of the time, and one in four Americans say it is difficult to afford their medications. As a result, it is estimated that non-adherence to medication leads to an annual cost of 100-290 billion dollars in direct and indirect.

To enhance adherence and affordability for severe disease medications, Navitus is joining hands with Sempre Health, providing point-of-sale copay discounts and an SMS-based engagement program to incentivize its members. Sempre's program reduces copays when members fill their prescriptions consistently and on time. It also reminds members when its time for a refill and can submit a refill upon request.

Navitus will unveil Sempre to clients as a free program in August 2020. As members enroll, their copay discounts will be instantly available on eligible medications at the pharmacy. If members choose to refill elsewhere, they can show their pharmacist a text from Sempre to take benefit of the program discounts. Each refill can accelerate discounts, saving an average of 45 percent per year on their annual prescription costs, and enhancing member adherence by 15-19 percent.

Partnerships like this will surely bring savings to more people throughout the country, especially while COVID-19 continues to put more pressure on our health facilities and create uncertainty in patients' lives.

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