Neuroflow and Genomind Creates a Better Platform For Mental Health...

Neuroflow and Genomind Creates a Better Platform For Mental Health Patients

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The collaboration of NeuroFlow and Genomind will combine digital health program and genetic testing to provide improved care for patients in lower costs.

FREMONT, CA: Genomind partners with NeuroFlow to enable clinical administrations to improve patient care over a wide range of mental health conditions. They are partnering on mental health services that incorporate pharmacogenomic testing to help guide treatment for a variety of conditions. It includes anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The partnership will leverage NeuroFlow’s industry-leading mental health integration platform alongside Genomind Professional PGx Express. This collaboration will build a new platform in mental health care by providing patients and clinicians with actionable tools, and it will support access to care, improve outcomes, and reduce costs in mental health treatment.

A healthcare analytics and technology company, NeuroFlow is currently used in more than 60 clinics and hospitals around the U.S. with access to over 120,000 patients. Mental health is a broad issue that implies disciplines. Comorbidities with anxiety and depression among chronic illnesses are a huge concern, and NeuroFlow thinks it can help make a significant impact. 

“Mental health patients find it hard to manage themselves, especially when they don’t see any benefits of the work they put in. Patient engagement in the clinic and at home is crucial to treatment success, and that’s where NeuroFlow comes in to empower mental health providers and their patients,” states CEO of NeuroFlow, Christopher Molaro. NeuroFlow was featured in Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine as one of the Top 10 Healthcare Startups in 2018.

“NeuroFlow was started as a passion for mental health and a resource for providers. The idea was to make health providers more effective and help them in empowering their patients, hoping to get them better faster,” asserts Molaro.

Mental healthcare is in crisis these days, with high cost, poor outcome, and less attention. This collaborative platform of NeuroFlow and Genomind will improve access to care, informs treatment, reduces costs, and tracks outcomes across the entire continuum of the treatment cycle.

As part of the integration, physicians can now use NeuroFlow’s IntegrateHealth application to administer Genomind Professional PGx Express to their patients. The physicians can communicate results within the platform, including implications on treatment decisions. With the assistance of Genomind’s service, clinicians could quickly and seamlessly understand patients’ genetics and how they may impact their mental health. NeuroFlow’s technology applications will be used to remotely monitor and track adherence and progress along the entire patient journey.

NeuroFlow also markets a mobile app for smartphones that helps patients with mental health conditions track their wellness through journaling about their activities and fluctuations in mood. Offering access to this app can also monitor patient populations. Now physicians will also provide Genomoid testing with this. Together, these tools will enable doctors to address their highest-cost patients. Clinicians are now able to get reimbursed for these efforts to integrate behavioral health into their practice. NeuroFlow’s software can do patient monitoring, risk stratification, and behavioral health integration across multiple medical care settings, including psychology, and primary care.

The partnership between these two companies supports the goals of helping patients recover while reducing the overall costs of care and burden on the health care system. This new model will provide valuable insights into the clinical evaluation of the patients. The idea, in turn, will enable doctors to understand the patient’s needs better and can provide enhanced and personalized care. The real-time information on symptoms, compliance, and results, this has been a win for the patients and physicians. This innovative platform will benefit the whole industry.

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