New and Exciting Visual Information Access Service Tailored for the...

New and Exciting Visual Information Access Service Tailored for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 04, 2019

Technology is powering the blind and visually impaired with a variety of tools by making their lives, a lot easier and better.

Aira —a visual interpreter for the blind —is an innovative technology service that connects blind or low vision people to a professional agent providing utterly hands-free assistance at the touch of a button. Aira’s service with sighted guides called an Aira agent, who use the live video stream from the client’s smartphone camera to provide visual information or smart glasses to act as visual interpreters and navigators.  Its assistive service merges wearable technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality and transforming daily life into a liberated and fully independent experience.  

Immediate access to visual information is the challenge of blindness. Aira is passionate about restoring this access to anyone, anytime, anywhere people need it. It is not just a navigation tool, but an information service. Aira agents can give detailed information about the landscape and people in the environment.

Live agents, the cornerstone of Aira are internally trained and vetted, through extensive interaction with blind community and blindness professionals to learn what customers want. The service is personalized as these agents know preferences and create a profile for each user. They are also trained in the terminology and etiquette to communicate effectively with users.

Aira continues to evolve and improve its platform, services, and equipment. The company is currently working on a version of smart glasses with integrated video, audio, and WiFi for a more streamlined design. Artificial intelligence will have a vital role in services as the product is scaled though it will not replace live agents.

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