New Results Show MIA, Kheirons Breast Screening AI Solution Can...

New Results Show MIA, Kheirons Breast Screening AI Solution Can Help Solve Cancer Backlog Issues

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 10, 2020

Dr. Nisha Sharma and Dr. Jonathan James have introduced Mia's first internal results, which is Kheirons breast screening AI solution.

FREMONT, CA: Dr. Nisha Sharma and Dr. Jonathan James are the NHS breast cancer radiologists and principal investigators for Kheiron Medical Technologies. In recent times, they have introduced the first internal results of MIA's impact, that is Kheirons breast screening AI solution, on the UK's National Health Service breast screening program. The outcomes were presented at the Radiological Society of North Americas (RSNA) annual conference, and it proves that Mia is a possible second reader in breast screening.

In the UK, every woman screening mammogram is read by two independent human radiologists who independently decide whether she must come back (be recalled) for further assessment or not. The method is known as double reading screening. It is considered the gold standard when it comes to cancer detection and reducing the number of women who are called back unnecessarily. The study can replace one of these readers with Mia.

The previous results on over 40,000 mammograms showed that if Mia is launched as a second radiologist, the entire double reading recall rate (the percentage of women called back for further investigation) will become 4-5 percent, the cancer detection rate will be 8.4 per 1000.

When the comparison was made with the outcome for two humans working together (standard historical double reading) on the similar case sample, the recall rate was 4-5 percent and the cancer detection rate was 8.5 per 1000 women. It showed that it would be safe to pair Mia with a human radiologist as there is no crucial impact on the screening service's performance. All these outcomes were within the UK's acceptable limits.

 Peter Kecsekmethy, co-founder and CEO of Kheiron Medical, said, "These internal results demonstrate a promising first step in using safe AI for addressing the workforce crisis in breast screening. When Mia is used as a second radiologist theres hardly any change in the performance of the screening service and there are reasons to believe that the net result will be an improvement to the quality of service. So, we are really showing how Mia helps solve the needs in breast screening by acting as an independent reader. It is important that Mia is not beating a reader in our study, Mia is supporting, being combined with the radiologists to create a solution that maintains the standard of care for women who are being screened. We are very excited to share the results from the wider study as soon as we can. They will build on the story we are sharing today and offer even more assurance that Mia is a safe,effective and a thoroughly validated AI solution for breast screening services anywhere."

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