New Technologies Assist Hospitals to Fight Cyberattacks

New Technologies Assist Hospitals to Fight Cyberattacks

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, July 22, 2019

The healthcare industry is leveraging new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and more to help their IT departments fight cyberattack like data breaches, phishing, and fake websites.

FREMONT, CAHealthcare industry is more affected by data breaches. As per the Bitglass' healthcare breach report, few organizations were breached in 2018, and the number of companies affected by breaches skyrocketed the following year. However, the healthcare industry has made progress in improving its security and decreasing the number of breaches over the past few years.

The consistent rise in hacking and IT incidents have resulted in the healthcare firms adopting the appropriate technologies and best practices for cybersecurity. Hospitals are thus protecting the patient data within their IT systems. The hospitals are taking countermeasures to fight cyberattack as the hackers and cybercriminals are getting sophisticated by using new technologies.

Below are some of the technologies that are leveraged by the healthcare industry to ensure the protection of their patients' data, which includes:

Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to screen through thousands of patient data per second, and review various factors relating to each transaction like the location of access, login attempts, and the duration between each attempt. For instance, if an employee's account is accessing more than thousand patients' files simultaneously, then AI detects this unusual behavior and alerts the IT team to take action and pay more attention to such activities. However, investing in tools that leverage automation and AI technologies help information security leaders to evolve their protection strategies continuously.

Cloud-based Security

More and more health care firms are now shifting their products and assets to cloud-based security solutions like security monitoring and email security software. Also, the cloud-based security tools can help organizations with tight staff resources as the IT departments centrally manage computing devices and secure data. It is cost-effective and ensures greater efficiency.

Investing in skilled staff

As the healthcare industry is employing technologies like Cloud and AI, which are advancing with time, they need a protection strategy that includes a team of skilled and experienced security specialists to supervise it and make crucial real-time decisions.

Overall, the IT department has to take more crucial steps to fight cybersecurity issues such as data breaches, phishing emails, and fake websites as they can fool even the experts at times. So, it becomes essential for the healthcare industry to train their employees to report to the IT department when they come across any suspicious links.

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