NHS Trust Rolls Out Patient Information Database in Partnership...

NHS Trust Rolls Out Patient Information Database in Partnership with Bantham Technologies

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bantham has helped transform NHS operational processes and implement innovative technologies in the pursuit of patient-centric care while helping to enhance the frontline service and offer patients.

FREMONT, CA: The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT), one of the pioneering NHS Trusts in the UK, uses innovative mobile technology to empower its Community team to offer patient-centric care within their own home while helping to minimize their carbon footprint. Working in collaboration with Bantham Technologies, the Trust rolled out an integrated Patient Information Database (PID) lookup by applying in-the-field operational forms. This innovative data capture platform seamlessly integrated with its existing patient record system and automatically pre-populated patient information into live e-Form documents. A move that allows district nurses to spend less time on administrative tasks and creating time to care for patients.

To secure its place on the NHS Global Digital Exemplars list - a program to allow digitally advanced NHS Trusts to share knowledge with other NHS Trusts on technology-related issues, the project was implemented across Windows, and iOS tablets can support digital data capture on any Windows device, comprising tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs for broader use throughout the Trusts mobile and in-hospital teams. The success of this project comes when digital transformation within the NHS is a major priority.  Working in collaboration with Bantham, the company hopes to maintain its status on the digital maturity index and offer a greener NHS.

Bantham Technologies has reached a stage where technology is recognized as far more than an assistant to medical procedures. It is integral to the day to day Trust processes, helping to manage staff workload, and delivering better outcomes for patients. All the while, aiding to deliver a cleaner, greener, and more efficient NHS is equipped for the 21st Century. In addition to creating operational efficiency for staff and better outcomes for patients, the use of the Bantham Technologies solution also saved RWT over a million pages of A4 paper, which conserved ten million liters of water, enough to meet the annual recommended drinking water requirement for some 8,500 people.

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