Nullifying Cyber Sirens in Healthcare Space

Nullifying Cyber Sirens in Healthcare Space

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

The exponential outburst of data has left no stones unturned in the healthcare technology space. While it allows healthcare firms to create efficient data streams and leverage useful information from, the massive influx of data proliferation has also created cyber security predicaments.

Today, data is everywhere; whether it is EMRs and EHRs or a platform that supports telemedicine. This has made doctors and patients alike worry about the data security. The worrisome state of cybersecurity in the healthcare technology landscape can be depicted by recent reports, which says that in 2017, 477 healthcare breaches were reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which affected 5.579 million patient records. The current state of cybersecurity in the healthcare space makes it imperative for healthcare institutions to safeguard their data.

Securing the data doesn’t only mean to have an extravagant security tool in place. It doesn’t matter how many security features are in the tool, the bad actors will get past it eventually and steal the confidential patient information. It is important for healthcare institutions to understand that a reliant and trust-worthy process is the beginning of an optimal security mechanism in place. Not only should the policies of HIPAA be followed strictly, but also the healthcare institutions should ensure that their doctors and patients are well aware and educated about the new threat factors that can unleash bad activities. In order to save the data getting hacked from the automated systems located at a healthcare environment, the entire continuum has to be secured, and educating the stakeholders should be the first step towards optimal security.

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