NuVasive Expands the Application of Remote-Controlled Implants

NuVasive Expands the Application of Remote-Controlled Implants

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, September 14, 2020

By expanding the application of remote-controlled implants, NSO has delivered a superior treatment option that scales pediatric patients' care with limb length discrepancy.

FREMONT, CA: NuVasive, the leading technology innovator, focused on transforming spine surgery with minimally disruptive, procedurally integrated solutions, announces the limited availability of the new Precice Plate for use in limb lengthening and reconstruction procedures from NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics (NSO). The Precice Plate adds the clinical benefits of an all-internal limb lengthening remedy to pediatrics or patients with small anatomy that cannot accommodate lengthening equipment that is conventionally implanted within the patient's bone.

The Precice Plate is the first-of-its-kind limb lengthening solution for pediatric patients that enables internal lengthening while eliminating potential damage to their growth plates. Previously, this was only possible with bulky, less comfortable external fixation devices. With the Precice Plate, clinicians can finally provide patients a minimally invasive technique to lengthen their bones to correct limb length discrepancy.

The Precice plating system is the latest addition in the Precice portfolio of non-invasively adjustable implants from NSO. Using a locking plate technology, the Precice Plate is mounted on the outside of the patient's bone to avoid damage to this young patient population's growth plate. Once implanted, the patient uses a programmable external remote controller magnetically combined with the Precice Plate through the skin to perform precision micro-adjustments. Over several months and from the comfort of their own home, the patient follows a custom lengthening schedule to distract the Precice Plate, stretching newly forming bone to a targeted length. The plate is removed once the desired bone length is achieved.

With a less invasive treatment protocol and at-home precision lengthening, the Precice Plate's availability directly shows NuVasive's commitment to grow its proprietary technology in previously underserved markets and provide better patient outcomes. Together with its team of design surgeons, the company celebrates a significant milestone in advancing pediatric care. NSO designed the Precice Plate in partnership with a team of leading limb lengthening reconstruction experts who will treat patients on a limited basis this year. NSO plans the full commercial launch of the Precice Plate in the US and Europe in early 2021.

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