Olio Launches New Platform for Efficient communication Solution

Olio Launches New Platform for Efficient communication Solution

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Digital transformation has now become a norm in the healthcare arena and the post-acute providers cannot be away from the trend. Enter into the picture, Olio, a Carmel, IN-based company, which provides the only digital communication platform to connect hospital and physician teams with acute and post-acute providers by surgical specialty. Olio’s new technology platform assists physicians in improving patient outcomes and value-based care efforts. The platform uses real-time digital communication and data to enable hospitals and other healthcare providers to track and guide the care of their patients that transition to post-acute care.

Ben Forrest, founder, and CEO of Olio says, “Olio started as a consulting firm aimed at improving alignment between acute and post-acute providers.” He further adds, “After saving millions and improving clinical outcomes, it was clear the market needed a lasting, scalable way to solve the communication puzzle in the episode of care.” Olio’s new platform is designed in collaboration with many healthcare providers, which allows them to manage the complex needs of their patients, thrive in value-based/risk arrangements, and eliminate unnecessary workflows.

Olio’s platform allows acute and post-acute providers to dynamically and securely communicate about a patient’s condition so that the patient receives more coordinated care, resulting in an improved clinical outcome. The platform combines the following features to provide actionable insights into the patient's condition:

Hospitals and physicians can have real-time visibility into a patient’s location, condition, and clinical effectiveness across the care continuum. An episode specific progress logs, ensuring both acute and post-acute providers have the essential information based on a particular patient’s needs. Olio is built on a HITRUST certified infrastructure that adheres to the full HIPAA and GDPR shield compliance programs to ensure the security of protected health information.

Olio has formed alliances with many Midwest providers, who are engaged in a value-based arrangement including BCPI-A, ACOs, and other risk-bearing healthcare reimbursement models. Olio is also in the process of collaborating with other healthcare providers who are committed to technology-enabled solutions to improve patient care and experience across the care continuum.

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