Olive Announces the Availability of Olive Helps

Olive Announces the Availability of Olive Helps

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 09, 2021

Olive has announced the general availability of Olive Helps, a healthcare AI teammate that improves healthcare employees' speed, quality, and effect.

FREMONT, CA: Olive, the Internet of Healthcare's automation company, announces the general availability of Olive Helps, a healthcare AI teammate that improves the speed, quality, and effect of healthcare employees. Olive is a cybernetic application that uses its platform to help leverage the intellect of the healthcare community to eliminate the gap between work and knowledge in healthcare employees.

Utilizing many different technology platforms causes healthcare personnel to be overloaded with information and disrupts their productivity. Olive helps reduce workflow barriers by delivering real-time intelligence that enables humans to work more effectively and efficiently.

Olive is a lightweight desktop application that uses Loops to detect a healthcare worker's requirements and surface the appropriate information at the proper time. Loops are programs that work discreetly on the platform to offer humans real-time intelligence. They are accessible through the Loop Library and were built by an ecosystem of partners, such as Olive, technology developers, and health systems. Loops in the Loop Library are similar to apps in an app store in that they were built by the platform and its app developer partners.

Developing the first true platform for healthcare with the Loop Development Kit

Olive Helps is the first true healthcare platform with a developer community. Unlike closed-end software marketplaces, anybody can construct Loops for health systems and hospitals utilizing the Olives Loop Development Kit (LDK).

Adaptrack, Welcome Home Health, Telespine, Clear Child Psychology, ScaleHealth, Rotera, Well Advised, Amend Health, Advocatia, Louvir, and more are joining Olive Helps daily.

"Every day, our dedicated healthcare workforce is responsible for providing life-saving care to their patients. Unfortunately, most workers are plagued with outdated and time-consuming technology systems that hamper them from carrying out this critical care," said Tony Brancato, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cybernetics at Olive. "With the creation of Olive Helps, our goal is to empower these workers; to give them assistive intelligence that expedites everyday tasks, improves decision-making capabilities, and allows them to re-dedicate their time to the patients that are entrusted in their care."

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