One Drop Promotes Workplace Productivity For Older Adults With Type...

One Drop Promotes Workplace Productivity For Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Employees over 50 who used One Drop saved time and increased production, resulting in a cumulative yearly cost savings of more than 13,000 dollars per person.

Fremont, CA: With hybrid working models firmly placing employees in control of when and where they work, the future workplace will be more and more employee-centric. Technology has changed how we communicate, exchange information, receive training, and organize activities and projects. Workers are focused on their work-life balance and want more autonomy and flexibility.

One Drop, a pioneer in precision health solutions for people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions, released the publication of findings from a randomized control trial (RCT) on the impact of its award-winning digital health platform on workplace productivity (presenteeism) among people with type 2 diabetes in the Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine (JOEM). Compared to control groups, One Drop employees saw substantial productivity and functioning benefits and were less likely to have presenteeism during follow-up.

Six out of ten Americans have at least one chronic ailment, and many continue to work—virtually or in person—despite severe illness or lingering symptoms. However, working at a reduced capacity owing to health issues results in a 33percent average drop in individual productivity and 1,500 billion dollars in related employer expenditures. While few randomized controlled studies have established that mHealth applications for condition management improve workplace productivity (presenteeism), the current research suggests that the One Drop platform is a cost-effective option that provides significant advantages to persons with type 2 diabetes. For example, employees aged 50 and older who used One Drop saved 8 percent of their work time and 17percent of their on-the-job productivity, amounting to 422 dollars and 12,733 dollars in average employee savings per year, respectively.

To empower individuals with chronic diseases to stay healthy, the One Drop platform includes:

• Linked medical devices.

• An AI-powered mobile app (iOS and Android, accessible in 11 languages).

• One-on-one coaching with certified diabetic care and education specialists (CDCES).

More than 20 peer-reviewed clinical studies indicate One Drop's findings and clinical strengths, including better health outcomes (e.g., 1.9 percent drop in estimated A1C in three months, reduced systolic blood pressure, average nine-pound weight loss) and direct yearly cost savings per individual. According to the most recent RCT findings, One Drop may also help persons with diabetes operate better daily. In addition, treatment-related burnout may be reduced, health-related stress or distractions removed, and attention and energy improved.

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