OptimizeRx Announces Partnership with Leading Pharma Manufacturer...

OptimizeRx Announces Partnership with Leading Pharma Manufacturer to Launch Affordability Initiative

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The OptimizeRx platform will use RWE to alert doctors when a Medicare patient’s treatment plan is in danger of lapse owing to a lack of coverage.

FREMONT, CA: OptimizeRx, a leading provider of digital health solutions for life science companies, physicians, and patients, recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with one of the top five pharmaceutical companies to launch a new patient affordability initiative. The OptimizeRx platform will use RWE to alert doctors when a Medicare patient’s treatment plan is in danger of lapse owing to a lack of coverage.

Steve Silvestro, OptimizeRxs Chief Commercial Officer, commented, “This kind of initiative supports patients across their care journeys, helping them maintain treatment plans for improved outcomes. Patients often dont know when they are at risk of entering Medicare coverage gaps, resulting in lapses in treatment. When this happens, a patients condition worsens due to being unmanaged. Providers dont have real-time visibility on this and, as a result, experience an increased burden in managing treatment plans. Patients are often confused and have questions left unanswered, creating further challenges and the need to create entirely new care management plans.”

Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL, added, “On the provider experience patients have come back for follow-up visits 6 months later, without having taken their treatments. The patients are angry, and their treatment plans are now at-risk. Many of these patients are re-hospitalized due to non-adherence to treatment and lose all the progress they would have made.”

Whether deciding when to tell physicians that patients in their panel may be eligible for financial help, OptimizeRx’s RWE engine will be used. Patients who qualify for the program will be able to stick to their doctor’s recommended treatment plan without interruption owing to new and unanticipated out-of-pocket expenses.

“These types of awareness programs, which are made possible with RWE applied on the OptimizeRx platform keep the possibility of coverage lapses top-of-mind for providers with patients who are at risk of coverage gaps,” noted Silvestro. “Leveraging RWE in this way enables providers to have proactive conversations with their patients concerning coverage gaps without lapses in treatment, thus creating an environment for increased positive treatment outcomes.”

The Company’s powerful AI-powered solution can make a significant difference in the lives of patients who are afflicted by coverage gaps. Evidence-based engagement uses real-world data to provide doctors with real-time care support information at important moments in a patient’s treatment journey. OptimizeRx’s omni-channel platform is expanding its reach to include more than half of oncologists, 86 percent of cardiologists, and 45 percent of immunologists across the country. The high adoption rate across fast-growing specialized therapeutic areas demonstrates the practical benefits of successfully utilizing technology to support physicians at essential points in the patient care journey.

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