Orexo and GoGoMeds Collaborate to Bring Digital Therapies for...

Orexo and GoGoMeds Collaborate to Bring Digital Therapies for Addiction and Depression

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, September 18, 2020

Nikolaj Sørensen, President and CEO

Alcohol and opioid misuse and depression rise because of COVID-19 prompt response to address an urgent need.

FREMONT, CA: Orexo and GoGoMeds have established a partnership to make the scientifically-proven, digital therapies deprexis® and vorvida® available to treat depression and management of problematic alcohol misuse. OXD01, a digital treatment for treating opioid use disorders, will also be available in the U.S. in Q4 2020 via the partnership.

In April 2020, the FDA released an enforcement policy for digital health devices to treat psychiatric disorders in the COVID-19 public health emergency. These digital therapies will comply with this policy's criteria, allowing a pathway to access for many in need. Social distancing has substantially raised awareness and demand for digital therapies and online pharmacies to offer much-needed solutions for mental health issues, regarding the problematic drinking patterns, depression, and opioid addiction. Furthermore, COVID-19 has exacerbated the economic and social conditions that lead to mental stress, addiction, substance misuse, or relapse. In a recent KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) poll, above one in three adults in the U.S. reported anxiety or depressive disorder symptoms during the pandemic, up from roughly one in ten in 2019.

Cris Carter, NFL Hall of Famer, says, "Almost 30 years ago to the day I was clinically diagnosed with drug and alcohol addiction and it nearly ruined my NFL career. Orexo is addressing an underserved and stigmatized population with a proven therapeutic solution for problematic drinking and depression. Delivered digitally, the platform can scale to reach millions of people and may help to save other careers like mine. I am excited to support and promote this new model of care as Chief Marketing Officer for GoGoMeds."

Orexo's digital therapy platforms are web-based; they provide 24/7 access and are accessible across all devices, anytime, anywhere, offering greater privacy. The programs utilize artificial intelligence and provide individualized delivery and customized content to address the specific therapy requirements. Deprexis® is among the most researched digital therapies globally and is clinically shown to subdue depressive symptoms. Vorvida® is a completely automated digital therapy, scientifically proven to change the drinking patterns in adults facing alcohol misuse. Vorvida® provides a new way to manage drinking that does not need in-person groups or complete abstinence.

The collaboration between Orexo and GoGoMeds will focus on making these solutions available through numerous complementary addiction services at the U.S. state level, including court systems and private sector employers and other partners.

"Resources to treat mental health and addictions, which were already strained, have been overwhelmed by the pandemic," states Dennis Urbaniak, EVP digital therapeutics, Orexo. "We have long seen digital therapeutics as an integral and innovative part of the healthcare landscape, partnering with GoGoMeds will allow us to bring these solutions to the people that critically need them."

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