Patient Outreach and Digital rounding: Tops KLAS Ranking

Patient Outreach and Digital rounding: Tops KLAS Ranking

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Alex Hejnosz, Co-Founder, CipherHealth

The growth of the healthcare sector demands some important changes. Healthcare organizations have to address these changes properly to provide better service to patients. Today, patient engagement has become an important factor to succeed in the healthcare sector. Patient engagement has reduced numerous problems, such as readmission and confusion over the process of medication.  Readmission process increases the healthcare cost on a large scale. Medicare Payment Advisory Commission has mentioned that 75 percent of readmissions can be ended through better care coordination. Patient engagement can eradicate senior people's concern about the process of their healthcare. Patient engagement is a valuable weapon to keep themselves connected with healthcare providers. This connection will make them able to manage their own health.

"We are ensuring a kind of unified experience for patients where they can get the right communication at the right time"

CipherHealth is a leading provider of the technology platform to keep the patients and the providers connected. Alex Hejnosz, Co-founder of CipherHealth, says, “We are ensuring a kind of unified experience for patients where they can get the right communication at the right time.” The firm provides a digital rounding platform. This platform informs the staffs about the needs of the patient. It ensures care consistency and collaboration. This platform creates customized scripts, provides automated alerts, identifies, analyzes, and utilizes patients’ record. CipherHealth ensures a post-discharge follow-up. This solution calls every patient after discharge. It gets integrated with providers' EMR and other workflow systems. This platform ensures multi-call and multi-language follow-up programs and also includes live transfer features to help the patients to reach the right man. CipherHealth has introduced a preventive reminder program, a cost-effective way to keep the patients engaged. The appointment reminders provide automated calls and messages to provide the patients with accurate information about their appointment. Patient outreach and digital rounding enabled the firm to top at KLAS ranking.

At HiMMS19, CipherHealth will address the topic of patient engagement experience. Patient engagement activity is not constrained to the hospital premises. Most of the hospitals think that HCAHPS is the ultimate indicator of patient satisfaction. So, they often underestimate the need for patient engagement, which shouldn’t be ignored.



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