Patient-Centred Care Solutions through Smart Payment Portals

Patient-Centred Care Solutions through Smart Payment Portals

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

In today’s healthcare, there has been an increase in patients’ risks leading to high healthcare costs. This has led numerous employers to shift their cost on employees towards insurers with high deductible health plan offers—which increases the patients’ out-of-payment and requirement of personalized engagement. Simultaneously, healthcare providers also find it challenging to get paid for the services they have provided.

The survey done by Kaiser Family Foundation, health insurance sector, has stated that over 20 percent of the working age Americans have reported saying they are facing problems in paying their medical bills through insurers. These figures may double in the upcoming years with patients not receiving the appropriate details about the cost at the point of care—which may also cause problems for healthcare providers affecting their financial outcomes. To overcome this limitation, the healthcare providers are trying to adopt tech-powered communications to estimate the approximate cost—allowing patients to select affordable care options with respect to their financial concerns.

In general, instead of providing superior service with satisfaction, the healthcare sectors are concentrating more on price and transparency based quality services, where it involves certain key metrics such as operational excellence, electronic outreach, personalization, patient loyalty, and one-click payment through automated billing to achieve customer-centric health experiences.

Customer loyalty plays a critical factor in building the reputation of the healthcare community. The medical services derived by understanding the patients’ requirements helps in building a good relationship amongst patients and healthcare provider. Furthermore, by employing the consumer-obsessed engagement model, few key aspects have been developed to enhance patient satisfaction along with strategic consumer outreach solutions. The initial aspect is the deployment of personalized payment portals. The simple personalized online website with abilities to select the preferred payment mode along with appointment reminders and confirmation helps in improving customer loyalty. Secondly, through revenue cycle management and synching revenue cycle strategy, patient engagement initiatives and intelligent payment plans are employed to minimize the medical costs.

With the evolving digital era, deploying price transparency to the patients’ bills guides patients for selecting the service based on their financial perspective. Also, with such financial channels, patients can take ownership of their medical payment. Similarly, automated billing interactions with time to time payment alerts helps in delivering optimal services along with more loyalty to service providers. In the future, exceptional patient engagement in both front end and back end processes will help in building high loyalty factors along with the end-to-end efficient patient experience.

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