PatientPoint Proximity, a Content Platform to Enable Better Patient...

PatientPoint Proximity, a Content Platform to Enable Better Patient Experience

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 07, 2019

PatientPoint ProximityBill Jennings, Chief Digital Officer

Location-based marketing tech offers patients a platform for education on relevant medical care and solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Patient Point, a patient engagement solution company, has announced the launching of PatientPoint Proximity. This is a new mobile engagement platform, which leverages location-based marketing technology to offer waiting patients a mixture of condition-specific education and brand messaging on their mobile devices as a reminder for the next visit.

PatientPoint Proximity has been designed considering patient behavior and wait time. This helps to alter the stressed time and moments of patients into an enlightening experience by giving them the education and sponsored content about the most relevant treatment options.

The platform, with its patient-friendly design, works by providing hyper-targeted messaging to users with the help of mobile devices through popular news, weather, and gaming apps. This is only applicable if the gaming apps and devices are accessed within the radius of the medical office. The contents urge patients to ask questions and get advanced treatment options during the visit. By clicking the message, patients are taken to a PatentPoint room where they can study the most relevant content and learn about the treatment.

Chief Digital Officer at PatientPoint, Bill Jennings said, "Point-of-care patient education is all about reaching the right patients with the right information at the right time. PatientPoint Proximity takes this notion an important step further by providing trusted, timely, and relevant education to patients on their mobile devices while they wait. There is immense power in patients having information at their fingertips that can guide their conversation with their physician and help them determine the best treatment option."

PatientPoint Proximity compliments the PatientPoint digital waiting room program, PatientPoint Communicate, which is also a form of digital-out-of-home (DOOH) signage.  The patient engagement platform ensures the patients receive information on the screen they are looking at during the wait.

PatientPoint chose to utilize its geofencing capabilities for PatientPoint Proximity, employing marketing technology platforms to reach users with time-specific location-based promotions.

"Geofencing offers several strategic advantages over beacons, WiFi and IP targeting, namely the ability to deliver immediate data and importantly the ability to retarget the 75 percent of patients who visit a retailer within four hours of their visit," Jennings added.

With the aim helping to build a patient-friendly platform, content from three PatientPoint programs—digital waiting room screens, hospital patient guides, and custom condition guides helped the company reach top honors in the 2019 Hermes Awards. PatientPoint achieved 12 Platinum and Gold awards for its outstanding creative.

Surveys and reports stated that more than 2,000 patients who visited hospitals installed PatientPoint Educate, PatientPoint Communicate, and PatientPoint Interact programs.

Recently, WestCancer Center and Research Insitute selected PatientPoint to bring forth a new platform for patient engagement technology. The combo ensures to deliver a high patient experience in its 13 Memphis-area oncology clinics.

By governing the power of technology, PatientPoint, an omnichannel platform, educates and empowers patients, caregivers, and staff to ensure improved healthcare and enhanced patient experience.

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