Personalizing Patient Care Experiences

Personalizing Patient Care Experiences

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 11, 2021

The role of mobile technology in the healthcare sector is crucial because it can improve communication and integrate care processes. Mobile devices have had a dramatic effect on reducing barriers to IT access to healthcare and providing patients with new tools to take responsibility for personal health. Because mobile devices can match EHR software, revenue cycle management platforms, and other tools, doctors can easily and flexibly complete daily tasks.

MEDITECH was based on the pioneering idea that computer systems cannot only organize the care process but also can improve care processes. They empower healthcare organizations to maintain healthy patients and their businesses. In addition, their electronic health record connects care across all settings, allowing clinicians to provide more people with higher quality and more efficient care. They work harder to expand healthcare IT into homes and mobile devices beyond hospital walls and desktop computers. This can link patient information in all environments for the coordination of care, which tells the entire patient story.

The Expanse Point of Care software of MEDITECH is the latest web and mobile technology of the company. It is specifically designed for nurses and therapists to provide the best and most effective treatment for patients. It was now set up in the King's Daughters Medical Center in Brookhaven, MS. The software helps nurses engage patients better and coordinate bedside care. Expanse Point of Care enables nurses to function efficiently using modern technology that fits their workflow. The software is accessible through a smartphone or a mobile handheld device. Expanse Care has an optimized user interface for the Expanse Patient Care and Patient Safety solution of the company. It has all the functionality required to view charts, document, and provide safe medication on a small, unobtrusive device at the patient's bedside, giving the patient and the provider more face-to-face time. It is Ideal for all types of nurses, therapists, certified nursing assistants, patient care assistants and caregivers where Expanse Point of Care's simplified and intuitive design gives nurses time and helps prevent burnout. This is leading to increased nursing satisfaction and improved patient experience.

The Expanse Point of Care of MEDITECH is scheduled to be released in Q1 2019. These innovations enable individuals to have smart, mobile solutions for improved patient care, efficient record maintenance, high data security, improved interpersonal communication, and innovative healthcare training.

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