Perspectum Proudly Announces Collaboration with UT Southwestern...

Perspectum Proudly Announces Collaboration with UT Southwestern Medical Center

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 26, 2020

As part of its initiatives to improve the care of patients, Perspectum is using LiverMultiScan to assess the liver in this large DHMS cohort expecting to further the understanding of obesity phenotyping in the liver.

FREMONT, CA: Perspectum announces a collaboration with UT Southwestern Medical Center to integrate LiverMultiScan technology in the Dallas Heart & Minds Study (DHMS). Perspectum reports the DHMS’ initial objective was to enhance the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of heart disease, but over the years, this aim has widened to encompass metabolic diseases, such as fatty liver disease.

LiverMultiScan’s quantitative MRI technology will be leveraged to measure chronic liver disease, allowing a deeper understanding of the interactions between genetics, environment, and lifestyle on the health of the liver. LiverMultiScan is presently being used across Dallas, and the US, to empower physicians to better diagnose and treat patients with disorders like Fatty Liver Disease. Using a non-invasive MRI, the test gives vitals of liver tissue health that correlate with inflammation, fibrosis, fat, and iron.

LiverMultiScan is really excited to work with Perspectum on the Dallas Hearts and Minds Study, formerly known as Dallas Heart Study. In the previous examinations, the company extensively characterized obesity and cardiometabolic risk factors in its cohort – the company is about to gain critical knowledge of how long-standing obesity and metabolic syndrome can impact liver health using LiverMultiScan by Perspectum.

Perspectum delivers digital technologies that ASSIST clinicians to provide better care for patients with liver disease. Its diverse and talented team is united behind the company’s vision to empower patients and clinicians through a greater understanding of liver disease, provisioning early detection, diagnosis, and targeted treatment. Patients are at the heart of Perspectum’s design. Its technology is convenient, non-invasive, and supports patient engagement in their care by providing clear and understandable results.

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