Philips and BioIntelliSense Collaborate to Enhance Remote Patient...

Philips and BioIntelliSense Collaborate to Enhance Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The strategic collaboration of Philips and BioIntelliSense opens new ways to improve remote patient monitoring.

FREMONT, CA: A renowned health technology company, Royal Philips forms a strategic partnership with BioIntelliSense with a vision of enhancing its remote patient monitoring offering. BioIntelliSense is a company that is into uninterrupted health monitoring and clinical intelligence, and its BioSticker medical device would be integrated into Philips remote patient monitoring (RPM) offering. In this way, collaboration makes way to the monitoring of high-risk patients. Philip's solution enables the care providers, who are in the hospital, to keep track of the health conditions of the patient, who are at home. Multi-parameter sensors are the new addition to Philips solutions and can enrich the ways how clinicians examine patient populations suffering from chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and congestive heart failure.

The ability to passively monitor the key body vital signs, physiological biometrics, and symptoms showing events with the help of a discreet wearable patch up to 30 days enables makes Philip's solution stand out in the market. Remote patient monitoring and clinical programs featuring telehealth programs provide reliable and scalable ways for the health care providers to effectively manage patients fightingCOVID-19 but do not need hospitalization. The remote health monitoring application offers critical insights into the conditions of the patient and improves the collaboration potential for the hospitals.

A leader in health technology, Royal Philips is a company that leverages technology to provide brilliant health outcomes to the care deliverers and patients. Known for offering deeply mastered clinical insights and solutions, this company is headquartered in the Netherlands.

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