Philips and Cognizant Collaborate to Provide Digital Health...

Philips and Cognizant Collaborate to Provide Digital Health Solutions to Providers, Researchers and Patients

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Alliance Combines Cloud-Based Healthcare Platform with Experience-Oriented App Design to Improve Patient Care and Clinical Trials.

FREMONT, CA: Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, and Cognizant, a global leader in professional services, collaborate to develop end-to-end digital health solutions that will enable healthcare organizations and life sciences companies to improve patient care and accelerate clinical trials. The strategic alliance combines Philips Health Suite, a cloud-based platform, and Cognizant's digital engineering expertise to enable the delivery and maintenance of cutting-edge digital health solutions at scale while also providing advanced connectivity and leveraging big data to generate actionable insights.

Philips Health Suite is an integrated, modular set of standards-based capabilities that enables digital health propositions. It is built on Amazon Web Services. The platform securely stores sensitive healthcare data and offers advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities while maintaining industry-leading interoperability, connectivity, and regulatory compliance. To date, Health Suite has integrated over 100 different types of medical devices, with over 145 billion clinical images securely archived on the cloud platform.

Cognizant will develop, deploy, implement, and operate client-specific applications on Philips Health Suite as part of this collaboration. These adaptable, scalable solutions incorporate advanced data analytics, enhancing the patient and clinician experience by delivering pertinent data to the point of care.

Healthcare providers can monitor their patients outside of traditional clinical settings with these solutions, and patients can stay more informed about their health. Additionally, both biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers can quickly obtain actionable insights via advanced analytics, enabling them to make more informed clinical development decisions and rapidly bring new solutions to patients.

“Despite advances, patients and clinicians still face a fragmented technology and data landscape that holds back innovative healthcare services which improve care quality and the human experience,” says Shez Partovi, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Royal Philips. “Philips is committed to driving the digital transformation of healthcare. Partnering with Cognizant’s experienced digital engineering teams will accelerate the adoption of solutions built on Philips iHealth Suite, delivering digital solutions across the healthcare continuum in a secure and compliant manner, and ultimately helping guide better health decisions for patients.”

Philips Health Suite's compliant and secure medical device connectivity, data integration, and analysis benefit life sciences companies by enabling remote patient monitoring and decentralized clinical trials. This will result in a paperwork reduction, will assist researchers in reaching a broader range of trial participants, and enhance connectivity between investigators and participants—all to improve the quality and speed of therapy development.

“Cognizant and Philips are each dedicated to improving people’s lives through health technology,” says Ursula Morgenstern, President of Global Growth Markets at Cognizant. “This new collaboration will provide critical solutions that help manage the growing amount of health data available, keep patients and providers better connected, and help accelerate life-saving therapies to market. Virtual and digital health solutions are fundamental to improving health awareness and engagement. We are proud to work with Philips, a world leader in health tech, to support the health and well-being of people everywhere.”

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