Philips Pediatric Coaching Improves Patient Experience for Young...

Philips Pediatric Coaching Improves Patient Experience for Young Children Undergoing MR Imaging

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 25, 2021


Philips Ambient Experience leverages augmented reality, gamification, and buddy system strategies to entertain and guide children throughout their MRI scan trip, from home to hospital.

FREMONT, CA: MR imaging is critical in the management of a variety of health disorders. It gives multimodal information on cell metabolism, function, and molecular structure, which has expanded its application in a wide variety of domains, including entirely new ones, such as quantitative MR imaging in precision medicine, functional MRI, and fiber tracking in neuroradiology, and psychoradiology. Royal Philips, a global pioneer in health technology, has come up with the Philips Pediatric Coaching, a comprehensive service designed to make MRI scanning less traumatic for parents and their children. Through gamification and buddy system tactics, the solution guides young children through the MRI procedure, considerably improving the patient experience. Pediatric Coaching is the newest effort within the Philips Ambient Experience portfolio, which includes a variety of targeted solutions that assist improve the patient and staff experience.

Speaking about the new product, Werner Satter, General Manager Philips Healthcare Environment and Experience Design, says, “As adults, many of us can experience anxiety and stress during an MRI exam, and this is especially true for our youngest patients. By removing factors that can trigger stress, we are enhancing the patient engagement experience for pediatric patients to help improve outcomes. With Philips Pediatric Coaching, we deploy gamification to help children better prepare for their MRI scan in a non-threatening environment at home, interacting with the same character and voice like Ollie the Elephant and friends, who also coaches them at the hospital, and can even coach them during the MRI procedure itself.”

Achieving high-quality images during pediatric MRI can be difficult for both radiologists and the child being scanned. Fear of the new surroundings of an MRI machine can be unpleasant for younger children, causing them to become agitated and unable to lie still for the best image quality. As a result, scans are frequently conducted under sedation, or general anesthesia, which parents report has drawbacks like post-scan irritation and concerns about repeated anesthetic exposure. Having to use such procedures or deal with an awake but upset infant presents a challenge for hospital workers, lengthening the procedure and increasing costs. The Philips Pediatric Coaching solution addresses many of these concerns by empowering children throughout an MRI exam.  The new Pediatric Coaching Solution reassures parents and empowers and prepares the child, assisting in capturing high-quality photos necessary for an accurate diagnosis of the child’s illness.

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