Pioneering the Use of Applied Health Signals

Pioneering the Use of Applied Health Signals

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Millions of people have been benefited from advanced treatment measures in the healthcare space. In order to help the patients, there was a gradual growth of healthcare pioneers. John Mendelsohn being one of them, served multiple roles including scientist, mentor, and administrator in the field of oncology. He has been remembered every year on his death anniversary on the 7th of January. Many healthcare pioneers have started rendering their help towards the patients.

Livongo is one of the health pioneer platforms that pioneered the category of Applied Health Signals. The company eliminates complexities in treating chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, respiratory and behavioral health. The elimination is done with the help of applying data science and clinical impact through applied health signals engine.

The company has a successful board of directors and investors in the healthcare communities. The team helps in bringing many innovative ideas in the healthcare zone. Recently, Lee Shapiro was appointed as Livongo’s chief financial officer. He will take this role from February 2019. He has been in the board of Livongo since its founding and remained as the chair of its audit committee.

Zane Burke, Chief Executive Officer, says about Lee, “His intimate knowledge of Livongo, his close working relationships with the leadership team, and his connections across the industry, including virtually every analyst in the healthcare and technology space, will allow us to rapidly accelerate our business and better serve our members and clients.”

In the digital consumer space, Livongo has been thriving to mark its place in the market. The company intersects with data science and behavioral enablement. Shapiro is the managing partner of the 7wireVentures Connected Consumer Fund and has been on the boards of many portfolio companies.

Livongo joins with the plenty of data sets in order to grab information from those drivers. It ratifies and passes the information through a broad set of applications to the company’s members. The company also conducts many healthcare programs in order to create awareness among hospitals and other healthcare groups. 

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