Pivotal Analytics Hires New Talent to Enhance Business Performance

Pivotal Analytics Hires New Talent to Enhance Business Performance

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 30, 2021

Pivotal, the strategic healthcare analytics platform, invests in important personnel as part of its strategy for new growth and product enhancement.

FREMONT, CA: A strategic approach to talent management enables firms to attract the most talented and skilled individuals. It establishes an employer brand that can attract new employees, improving the organization's business performance and results. Pivotal Analytics, the company behind the strategic healthcare analytics product Pivotal, adds vital talent to its Engineering and Growth teams, including numerous industry heavyweights. This investment is part of a broader strategy that has been funded by the company's $10.2 million Series A fundraising round is scheduled to conclude in October 2021.

"We committed to our investors that bringing in top talent in key areas was priority one," comments Carl Davis, CEO, and Co-Founder of Pivotal Analytics. "Through our networks and partners, we were able to identify strong candidates with the skillsets, achievements, drive, and cultural fit we wanted. I'm beyond thrilled with the new folks coming on board, not only for what they bring to the table, but also for their shared passion around the Pivotal vision and mission."

Key hires include Jeff Chromulak, Director of Platform Stability. He has over a decade of experience as an architect or lead developer directing technology projects, focusing on security, compliance, governance, and testing. Rob Haberstroh, Senior Manager Data & Analytics, has over five years as the chief data steward for all deposit data at PNC Bank, managing over 100 million data records every month. JR Hohman is, Data Architect with nearly three decades of experience operationalizing and integrating complex, large-volume data across different industries and multibillion-dollar acquisitions. Jeremy Moore, Vice President of Engineering with 15 years of experience leading development teams for startups and Fortune 500 firms, focuses on emerging technology product development. Todd Kozikowski, Chief Revenue Officer with two decades of experience directing business development, sales, and product activities, resulting in company growth and market value of $5 billion. Sylvia Marten, Chief Marketing Officer, has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and health technology, directing strategic marketing, digital, and growth initiatives for startups and early-stage enterprises.

"These individuals bring a wealth of expertise in critical areas to Pivotal, including industry depth in healthcare, technology, and real estate, and functional depth in data science, product development, strategic growth, and thought leadership," states Fady Barmada, President and Co-Founder of Pivotal Analytics. "We are confident with the team we are building we have what it takes to significantly enhance our core platform, forge key strategic partnerships, and meet critical needs of our healthcare and real estate customers."

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