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By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 14, 2019

LeRoy Jones, Founder & CEO

It is a known fact that health management will not succeed unless all the health organizations transform from fee-for-service to value-based service. One of the most significant transitions that are observed today is the shift to value-based care where the organizations are not paid for the services, but for keeping the patient healthy. This transition was embraced early by GSI Health and started working to in support of value-based care and integrated care.  GSI Health has brought care management and analytics together to bring the insights closer to delivering care and empowering the caregivers to make decisions about how their attention can impact the patient health. With this scenario, GSI Health has become the leader in population health management solutions and working effectively for community-based care delivery.  One cannot imagine a world without health issues, but how healthcare can be optimized across the globe can be comprehended and worked on. “Whole person care requires a diverse team of practitioners and service providers who can assist a patient from illness to wellness,” states LeRoy Jones, Founder, and CEO of GSI health.  GSI Health’s innovations in care delivery optimization allow the providers to assume risks for managing the population and move toward value-based care strategies.

"Whole person care requires a diverse team of practitioners and service providers who can assist a patient from illness to wellness"

GSI Health is a leading population health management technology company that supports whole person care which enables the hospitals to collaborate across any care setting to treat the patient on value-based care scenario. GSI Health has announced that its GSIHealthCoordinator platform will manage the care for CareOregon. CareOregon is a nonprofit organization that is supporting one-third of Oregon’s Medicaid population and supports four coordinated care organizations (CCOs) that serve 300,000 Medicare and Medicaid population. CareOregon has selected GSI Health as its partner to address the criticality of care coordination in the population health management strategy. GSIHealthCoordinator helps CareOregon in directing how care teams work together to address all the issues which also include socioeconomic factors and lifestyle that affects the health. Robust analytics and risk stratification enable the identification of “at-risk” members for appropriate interventions to mitigate unwanted admissions. 

GSI Health’s technology allows continuous improvement, optimized operations, and disciplines to produce predictable results for its wide acceptance in the marketplace.

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