pMD Enhances Healthcare Communication with its New Solution!

pMD Enhances Healthcare Communication with its New Solution!

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

Adam Kenney, VP of Software Engineering

The robust mobile communication systems have enabled healthcare organizations to significantly improve patient care and promote efficient interaction between providers and patients.

FREMONT, CA: Effective communication between healthcare providers and their patients is an essential factor in ensuring successful treatments. Effective exchange of information makes it easier for physicians to diagnose the patients and come up with the optimal solutions. To empower and enhance communication in healthcare, pMD, a trailblazer in healthcare technology, recently launched a free HIPAA-compliant communication platform. The pMD Secure Messaging platform enables healthcare providers to interact with patients and colleagues through text or video conferencing.

Adam Kenney, VP of Software Engineering at pMD, said, "Patients having 24/7 access to a doctor's phone can seem like the loss of a last vestige of privacy. This is completely understandable and why we have built our secure messaging with these concerns in mind. With the right software in place, secure patient text messaging offers unique and compelling benefits while protecting provider privacy. It's a win-win."

The company equips healthcare professionals with robust and intuitive mobile software designed to enhance patient care. Its mobile communication, data capture, and care navigation platforms enable the healthcare teams to maximize efficiency and collaboration, capturing everything at the point of care. pMD allows integration with electronic medical records, hospital systems, and medical billing systems, promoting the efficient transfer of data while reducing medical errors.

Ted Ranney, the VP of Business Development

"Surgery, for example, represents a great opportunity to connect with patients via secure text or video. There is a clear episode of care, which includes a scheduled procedure, preceded by an instruction-filled pre-operative visit and followed by a post-operative period where concerns over pain, discomfort, new medications, and other follow up issues often emerge," said Ted Ranney, the VP of Business Development at pMD.

"Prior to a procedure, patients commonly need to ask questions about the timing of the surgery, medications, and location of the facility where the procedure will take place," he added. "So far, at least one patient has been saved from missing their surgery as they asked about a medication which, had they taken it, would have caused their surgery to be rescheduled."

The utilization of mobile technology in healthcare is improving patient safety and engagement. pMD aims to accelerate care and enhance patient outcomes by enabling instant communication between providers and patients with its user-friendly mobile solutions. Its mobile options for video conferencing allows health teams to save time, optimize the use of resources, and focus on patient care.

For too long, inferior communication approaches have hindered the delivery of efficient patient care. The users of pMD solutions can expand their capabilities at no cost, promoting a safe platform for the transfer of sensitive information between providers and patients. They can also leverage the video conferencing capabilities to broaden their reach and impact, thus simplifying care transitions and reducing readmissions.

"Phone calls can offer endless rounds of telephone tag and voicemails, and email messages often are lost, misunderstood, or don't have immediacy," Ranney said. "Having a way to securely communicate via text, which doesn't pile up the way emails do, can lead to both better clinical outcomes and higher patient satisfaction."

The elegant and intuitive mobile software solutions offered by pMD have significantly enhanced patient care. It has enabled healthcare organizations to capture patient data more accurately at the point of care, helping them maintain compliance with regulations through its HIPAA compliant texting and data capture platform. Its secure and robust communication solutions have enabled organizations to keep their patient care coordinated and compliant.

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