PointClickCare and Sound Physicians Partner to Offer Integrated...

PointClickCare and Sound Physicians Partner to Offer Integrated Virtual Health

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 24, 2022

PointClickCare and Sound Physicians collaborate to bring fully integrated virtual health to patients.

FREMONT, CA: Using remote monitoring and analytics services, as well as electronic data storage, can save healthcare sectors, patients, and insurance companies a lot of money. The use of telemedicine reduces the number of non-emergency ER visits and the costs associated with travel for routine examinations. PointClickCare clients will benefit from a strategic partnership between a renowned technology company and a national physician group. Sound Physicians, a national physician partner to hospitals, post-acute providers, physician groups, and payers, has formed a relationship with PointClickCare, the pioneer in cloud-based healthcare software for long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) sector.

“We selected Sound Physicians because of its reputation for clinical excellence, unrivaled scale, and investment in the creation and delivery of virtual health services, and its commitment to the patient experience. We’re looking forward to working with an organization that is an innovator in value-based care, and we believe the program will have the added benefit of better alignment to hospital referral networks, physician groups, and even Institutional Special Needs Plans (I-SNPs),” states Marino Cherubin, Vice President of Partnerships & Strategic Alliances at PointClickCare.

It has been PointClickCare's mission for the past two decades to develop cutting-edge technology solutions for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and senior living communities (SLs), all to improve communication between healthcare providers and the people who care for them, as well as to help them become more effective change agents. Integrating 24/7 medical services into SNF and SL care is essential as the business becomes more complex and value-based care becomes more prevalent.

Sound Physicians brings over two decades of experience developing high-performing and cost-effective care models based on physician leadership, clinical process, technology, and analytics to the alliance. Their value-based models have improved clinical outcomes and reduced overall episode costs in over 500 hospital-based programs across 42 states. They are now the only nationally scaled physician group delivering telemedicine to skilled nursing facilities, and their post-acute initiatives have reduced hospital readmissions by 30 percent.

“The partnership between PointClickCare and Sound Physicians will deliver on the promise and full potential of virtual health in the post-acute setting. This joint solution has been specifically designed to meet the mission-critical needs of post-acute providers to improve clinical care. The collaboration is expected to lead the industry in improving outcomes with streamlined access to engaged physician support. We have proven that telemedicine transforms care delivery and improves clinical and financial outcomes for post-acute providers. By fully integrating access to our physicians into the existing PointClickCare workflows, we are confident that these benefits will grow exponentially. This partnership aligns with Sound Physicians' mission to improve quality, satisfaction, and financial performance in healthcare delivery,” states Brendan McNamara, CEO, Telemedicine at Sound Physicians Marino Cherubin.

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