Pomelo Health Releases New Version of Patient Engagement Platform

Pomelo Health Releases New Version of Patient Engagement Platform

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Pomelo Health is launching its new website and introducing the latest version of its Patient Engagement Platform.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, Pomelo Health, a healthcare management provider and patient engagement software provider, is launching its new website and introducing the latest iteration of its Patient Engagement Platform, increasing its presence in the US market.

The company has secured itself as a leading organization in the healthcare technology sector over the last few years. It has expanded to have offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Boston with over 80 employees.

Yan Raymond-Lalande, CEO and co-founder, explains, "With medical software constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of today's patients and providers, and the important changes in the dynamics of the industry due to COVID, our teams worked quickly to add several new features and release an evolved version of our platform. We all know how much our lives have been disrupted in the last few months and tools that enable telemedicine like video appointments, remote check-in and mass communication are now essential to providers and patients."

Driven by the initial goal of the organization to enhance access to healthcare, the new product suite of Pomelo Health now provides resources like online booking, telehealth, appointment reminders, broadcasting, encrypted messaging, remote check-in, as well as MagicSeat, a queue management system specifically tailored for the medical field.

The release would further boost the role of Pomelo in the US, having already been endorsed by Ellkay, the partner and pioneer of healthcare connectivity, and New York growth investor Full In Partner.

Pomelo Health, formerly known as Chronometriq, was established in 2012 with the sole goal of enhancing access to healthcare. It is one of the fastest rising companies in healthcare management and patient engagement software, providing a full platform of product to improve the clinics' effectiveness, quality, and patient communication.

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