Population Wellness made easy with Transcend Insights Unified...

Population Wellness made easy with Transcend Insights Unified Solution Suite

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CAMPBELL, CA: Healthcare arena is undergoing a revolution as complex and advanced solutions are being devised to address the needs for community-wide interoperability and real-time analytics. This will enable health system executives, care teams, and patients to shift from episodic to proactive care for long-term wellness. A population health company, Transcend Insights works on the same lines and brings to its customers a unified solution suite, adapted from its technology platform HealthLogix.

Marc Willard, President, Transcend Insights said “By addressing health and wellness with our HealthLogix platform, and by connecting disparate systems with open standards, we will make it easier for care teams to do their jobs and deliver a better care experience.”

The unified solution suite comprises of:

HealthLogix Populations: A performance measurement application built to provide actionable, configuration visualizations and dashboards; it assists with evaluation quality and utilization metrics, and comparing performance across an entire care community.

HealthLogix Care: Physicians and care teams can use this tablet and web-based application to obtain a comprehensive view of patient’s clinical, claims, and wellness data at the point of care. The solution has a niche at delivering timely, proactive insights and decision making for fostering an engaging patient care experience.

myHealthLogix: This patient engagement solution connects the care teams with patients by providing collaborative care plans, secure messaging, medication management capabilities, and tailored educational information. This is a more organized care approach and is powered by Patient IO.

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HealthLogix Market: Still under wraps, this offering will make it easier to access valuable data and insights via Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) APIs so that another level of technical customization can be added to HealthLogix platform. This will also establish an open, scalable marketplace for third-party health care applications developed on the HealthLogix platform and enhance the benefits for existing clients and partners.

HealthLogix platform and its array of Populations and Care applications has been chosen by Hardin Memorial Health, an integrated delivery network for connecting and transfiguring their organization’s data into actionable insights. These insights can be made use of by the system executives, care teams and patients for improving outcomes and nurture wellness.

“We are excited about tracking our quality measures and the overall health of our patient population within a single, comprehensive view. Having the tools and connectivity to better know and engage our community will help us improve the patient experience and reduce the need for costly hospitalizations and emergency room visits,” remarked Tom Carrico, Vice President of Operations, Hardin Memorial Health.

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