Providing a Promising Home Healthcare

Providing a Promising Home Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Technology-driven applications are not an exception in the healthcare industry today, specifically home health. How about tomorrow?

The future of home health in the healthcare industry cannot be discussed without addressing the technological developments that are occurring and yet to advance. It would not be long until technology forms the basis of all activities that a human does in healthcare at home, from patient monitoring via wearables to home healthcare technology that enables more productive and cost-efficient medical care. As people grow older, they suffer from multiple chronic conditions, such as diabetes or dementia, and functional impairments such as mobility and household management.

Today, patients are in an unimaginable situation where they can get their checkups done through sensor devices that allow them to stay inside their homes and take medications from their doctors, thus avoiding hospital visits and admissions. The physicians are able to monitor their patients from anywhere and check their blood oxygen, weight, pulse, blood pressure, blood glucose, and information about care plan, with the help of a wearable device. Individual measurements will then be uploaded as a real-time database into an algorithm that provides information and feedbacks like a digital physician.

If a congestive heart patient experiences shifts in his weight with a minor level of fluctuations in the blood pressure, a human physician may not be able to identify or give instant information about those failures or slight changes. However, a machine learning system can detect even small changes in one’s health status and provide sudden actions like an alarm or message through the connected device. This will help the patient to take additional medications and further actions on the basis of the data generated by the connected device, and they can ensure a safer and more secure health care analysis.

Changes in demographics of the countries as well as the life expectancy factors and the ability to stay back at home as long as possible, combined with the overall changes to the healthcare system have become reasons for the growth of the home healthcare industry. Although delivering or receiving patient care inside the home is challenging for both physicians as well as to patients, its positive impacts have been the reasons for a wider acceptance of the home healthcare system.

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