Providing Informative Health Content

Providing Informative Health Content

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 04, 2019

Outcome Health is an innovative healthcare firm that reinvents the care point in order to help patients, their relatives, and health care professionals achieve better outcomes. Outcome Health is made more important by bringing education content into the physician's office through partnerships with non-profit organizations, health advocacy groups, leading content creators and branch supporters. Their Digital Network, certified by BPA, covers all over the country waiting and examination rooms with the best possible content.

The company offers several solutions for healthcare facilities to improve their efficiencies. The Waiting Room Screen involves a robust library of more than 11,000 videos containing content for specialty and educational health from more than 100 medical groups and partners in content. The Exam Room Wallboard offers intelligence to the consultation with more than 80 unique health content items, enabling providers to better communicate conditions and treatment options.

Alongside, the company offers the Exam Room Tablet provides people with customized information in the consultation room at critical times before speaking. Patient Wi-Fi delivers targeted messages to people on personal devices to guide them in the waiting room. Outcome Health engages patients with clinical trial education at the moment of care to increase awareness and participation in clinical trials.

Outcome Health announced that John Vaughan has joined the company as CEO of compliance, focusing on evolving the care experience of patients and physicians. His appointment as the executive management team further emphasizes the ongoing commitment of Outcome Health to increasing its transparency and making data measurement and reporting more rigorous. In this recently established role, he will focus as part of the corporate compliance program on developing, implementing and monitoring compliance policies and procedures. This program is designed to promote compliance, prevent, detect and take appropriate remedial actions to address non-compliance and to promote compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

Vaughan joins the Danaher Dental Platform Outcome Health, where he has served as Chief Compliance Officer. John held different role counsels and compliance functions for Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, Hospira, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the Shire before Danaher. He has extensive experience in business conformity, government, regulatory affairs, price, and reimbursement, as well as in outcomes health. He graduated from McGill University in Quebec, Canada, with a B.A. in History and Political Science; he received his J.D. from the Rutgers University of Law in Newark.  In his new role, Vaughan will report to Seth Darmstadter, General Counsel of Result Health.

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