Q-Centrix and Datavant to Securely Connect Clinical Data Jointly

Q-Centrix and Datavant to Securely Connect Clinical Data Jointly

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 21, 2022

Q-Centrix and Datavant partner to maximize the value of clinical data by establishing secure connections between clinical data sets.

FREMONT, CA: “The health care industry has entered a transformational period where the indispensable role of clinical data in bettering health outcomes is being realized, and as a result, demand for high-quality data continues to grow exponentially across all segments," states Milton Silva-Craig, Q-CentrixCEO. Q-Centrix, the leading exclusive provider of clinical data management solutions to health institutions, has partnered with Datavant, the market leader in securely connecting health data. The cooperation will strengthen Q-capabilities Centrix's for managing high-fidelity clinical data by leveraging Datavant's networking technologies and real-world data knowledge.

"To garner the true value of the data, health care systems need to manage it across the enterprise and make it easier to connect," adds Craig.

“We are excited to welcome Cioxs Oncology and Trauma Registry clients and associates to the Q-Centrix community,” continues Silva-Craig. “This acquisition represents the fifth organization to join our team over the past 24 months, strengthening our commitment to helping our hospital partners realize the full value of their clinical data.”

Through this collaboration, Q-Centrix partner hospitals will be able to de-identify and connect their curated clinical data, allowing them to maximize the value of their data. This cooperation will improve data connectivity between clinical data sets, facilitating the creation of best practices, research, analytics, and improved patient outcomes. Along with the cooperation with Datavant, Q-Centrix will acquire Ciox Health's Oncology and Trauma Registry business areas.

"Our collaboration supports health systems striving to improve care quality, generating high-caliber evidence about treatment decisions, care settings and the effectiveness of diagnostics, devices, and drugs," states Travis May, Co-founder, and President of Datavant. "We're proud to support Q-Centrix in connecting data to help health systems improve care which aligns with our company values."

Q-Centrix and Datavant share the same goal of improving patient outcomes. Through this relationship, they will collaborate to ensure that the highest-quality data reaches the physicians and organizations best equipped to use it to enhance care and the lives of patients worldwide.

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