QWELL Introduces Medical Online Booking Platform

QWELL Introduces Medical Online Booking Platform

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Bertie Bregman, M.D., Founder and Rachel Bregman, M.D, Founder

Primary care is the core of better healthcare for all.

FREMONT, CA: QWELL has introduced a medical online booking platform to provide patients the access to the top suppliers of a curated group of the nation. Designed by healthcare experts, the QWELL platform is an alternative to higher-priced, mass-market online search-and-book systems for healthcare professionals.

In the highly specialized market of New York City, primary care doctors Bertie Bregman, M.D. and Rachel Bregman, M.D., also the founders of QWELL, saw a lack of access to high-quality primary care. Under the motto "where vintage care meets modern medicine," the Bregmans are taking care of patients at Westside Family Medicine since 2006, believing that excellent primary care is the core of better healthcare for all.

Now, through QWELL, the founders share their enthusiasm for better healthcare within the country. "After twenty-one plus years practicing medicine, we are familiar with the unique challenges that come with running a successful practice," says Dr. Bertie Bregman. "We are so excited to solve these issues with QWELL, ultimately providing better options for the nation's top healthcare professionals and better outcomes for patients."

QWELL’s medical online booking platform provides users with a sophisticated directory that highlights the specific knowledge of each provider. It allows patients to search and book directly online or make an appointment with their preferred medical supplier. Patients can choose between top primary care physicians who coordinate their overall care or book one of QWELL's experts, and other providers including dentists, nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, and massage therapists, making QWELL the hub for all their healthcare requirements.

The QWELL medical practitioners are capable of tailoring the platform as per their needs. A provider membership provides top medical experts with the choice of not only referring patients to other providers but also directly booking them, avoiding patient follow-up pitfalls, and achieving overall improved patient results. Practitioners can readily upload interactive appointment availability schedule for patients, other QWELL providers, or both. Additionally, providers can upload current patients to QWELL without the need for high-priced SEO and advertising services. Finally, medical practitioners can communicate with other providers virtually as well as through QWELL’s instructional and networking activities, expanding the QWELL network.

An amalgamation of medical booking platform and social networking site, QWELL is the next generation of collaborative, holistic healthcare for all. 

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