Radiology Now Gets Better in Terms of Quality and Cost Through...

Radiology Now Gets Better in Terms of Quality and Cost Through RadPerform Solution

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CLEVELAND, OH: The latest report from Institute of Medicine reveals shocking fact- diagnostic errors contribute to a staggering amount of 10 percent of patient deaths and up to 17 percent of adverse events. Reflecting on this information, Cleveland Clinic and Candescent Health have formed a multi-year alliance aiming to contribute its share in solving the crisis in the U.S. The companies will now together transform the radiology care with an efficient nation-wide cloud-based radiology network.

Radiology covers different types of patient safety, physician referrals, examining multiple diseases and health conditions via x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound, radiation therapy and others.

Under the assistance of Cleveland Clinic, Candescent Health nurtures the solution to improve diagnostic performance of radiology practices, while the latter extends the reach of the former company’s precision services to health systems across the country. With this alliance, , Cleveland Clinic- one of the nation’s top five radiology providers foresees a dynamic transition in radiology techniques and attempts to re-shape the transition for patient’s benefit.

Candescent Health’s RadPerform software-enabled service designed by veteran radiologists reduces productivity pressures while improving clinical excellence that equips radiologists with real-time insights. Cloud-based software connects multiple locations seamlessly, analyzes data across globe; fetching results to improve the knowledge of radiologists. Alongside, 24/7 Live support assists the radiologists to boost up cases, resolve them and discuss with clinicians.

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