Redefining Healthcare Space with Artificial Intelligence

Redefining Healthcare Space with Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The healthcare industry is always at the forefront when it comes to innovation and advancements. In recent time, the distinguished growth in healthcare has become possible with one of the emerging technologies that have been making news across various industries is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The real-time developments and achievements pertaining to AI in healthcare have become more streamlined and logical which ensures a healthy tomorrow.

Performing surgeries using AI-driven robots

As the world is already getting habituate for new changes, it is no more surprise to experience surgical procedures through AI-driven robots. When there is a need for more surgical precision and better control, surgeons are employing robotic systems in their processes. Compared to traditional methods of surgeries, robot-assisted surgeries are not only faster and accurate but are also minimally invasive and takes less time for healing.

AI-powered virtual nurses

In today's advancements in healthcare with new dimensions of AI made nurses come in human as well as robotic and virtual. Evolution of virtual nurses can help patients 24/7, and it is transforming the way of care delivery by performing wellness checks and responding to the patient queries. However, the perforation of AI in nursing is in the initial stage with various research and groundwork.

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The assistance of AI in Clinical Diagnosis and Decision Making

AI has shown its versatility in many forms across various segments of healthcare from robots to virtual nurses. For instance, AI-driven innovation in healthcare built an automated cognitive assistant who can able to help radiologists and cardiologists in clinical decision making. It can minimize the workloads of clinicians helping them to get an overview of the test image for an accurate diagnosis.

It is almost evident that AI can fundamentally change the way of generating traditional healthcare services by considering huge impacts and opportunities. The potentiality of AI in healthcare can also work on the goals of bringing new drugs into the market.

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