Redesigning the Entire Healthcare Model with Artificial Intelligence

Redesigning the Entire Healthcare Model with Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, May 03, 2019

Recent technological advancements and the initiation of its new computing capabilities have created profound effects on various industries. Today, the potentiality of computers to evince intelligence through sophisticated algorithms and large data sets is transforming the way of care delivery in the healthcare spectrum. AI is dramatically altering the modern care from disease detection to diagnosis follow up with the recovery.

While the transformation is well-progressive in frontline medicine, many hospital authorities have been trying to accomplish the power and applications of AI. Here are some core areas of healthcare where the possibility for revolution aided by AI is beneficial.

Health Assistance

The most efficient use cases of Artificial Intelligence is to optimize the clinical process of health care delivery through AI assistants with mobile apps. AI assistant uses natural language processing to create a personalised experience for the users through chatbots. These chatbots continually monitor the patient by asking questions about the patient's health conditions and symptoms to give a valid prescription.

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Early and precise diagnosis

In many cases, early diagnosis often results in complete cure by detecting the disease symptoms at the right time. Conversely, a delayed or incorrect diagnosis can generate potentially disastrous results. At some instances, human skills are limited to making responsible decisions by examining the images and samples.

 Unlike humans, AI-powered devices can rapidly ingest millions of samples in short intervals of time through deep learning algorithms with various images of moles, rashes and lesions. According to the generated results, medical professionals will initiate precise diagnosis techniques to prevent dangerous diseases.

Identifying the right treatment path for some diseases and adapting to its changes is more critical and challenging. Artificial Intelligence assists in determining the proper treatment for a particular disease through many algorithms and patterns which have been tested to generate correct results in treatment procedures.

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