Redesigning the Healthcare Industry with Virtual Reality

Redesigning the Healthcare Industry with Virtual Reality

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 23, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The progression of technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D glasses is gaining prominence in every industry today. VR was first introduced into the world of video gaming as a beta prototypic model of the futuristic concept. During the launch of VR, no one expected its applications to reach outside the gaming community and find its path across multiple horizons especially the healthcare sector.

The benefits of using VR applications in the healthcare sector are plenty, from easing patient satisfaction and increasing diagnostic and therapeutic effectiveness to early detection of diseases. Utilization of VR by surgeons to perform digitally simulated operations prior to the actual procedure elevates the level of surgery. A 3D visual simulation decreases the risk of failure while increasing its success rate and developing a unique way of effective trial and error study. The experience achieved by the surgeon from augmented surgery in a 3D environment provides a perfect tool for improving the efficiency of treatment.

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Examination of crystal clear images from patients' body before the operation provides doctors with an added leverage on the inner workings of an organ. The deployment of AR in healthcare significantly increases the detection of micro-complication faced by patients which are otherwise very difficult to identify.

VR is heading toward the ground of autism and memory loss where the consistency of nursing patient and periodically sharing of statistical reports with therapist and counselors in real time is proving to be immensely significant in the field of medicine and healthcare. The assistance of VR on social interactions of autistic kids with virtual characters is accelerating the medication procedure. Theoretical and practical analysis of reality models will provide the forthcoming generation of doctors with a higher understanding of human autonomy.      

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