Reflection Healthcare Transforms Patient Care by Adopting ZyterHome

Reflection Healthcare Transforms Patient Care by Adopting ZyterHome

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 09, 2021

Reflections Healthcare is transforming patient care with ZyterHome through remote patient monitoring.

FREMONT, CA: Zyter announces that Reflections Healthcare has adopted ZyterHome, remote patient monitoring (RPM), to monitor chronic conditions at home for Medicare patients.  Reflections Healthcare, owned by Dr. William V. Craig, has enrolled more than 100 patients in ZyterHome since its implementation in March 2021.

ZyterHome is a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant RPM product that enables providers to monitor patient healthcare data between office visits while patients control their chronic conditions at home. Integrated with ZyterHealth’s platform, ZyterHome consists of patient-facing, preconfigured LTE-enabled devices that can seamlessly track and transfer a patient’s physiological data straight to the physician’s office.

All of Reflection Healthcare’s enrolled ZyterHome patients use the weight scale and blood pressure monitoring devices, while nearly 40 percent use the glucose monitoring device.  The ZyterHome weight scale device is being used by Medicare-age patients and by some young patients who are struggling with obesity. 

“Our ZyterHome patients, including those with coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and emphysema, are doing very well with weight and blood pressure management,” said Dr. Craig. “Also, blood glucose monitoring with ZyterHome benefits not only diabetic patients, but also persons with hypogly cemia and other conditions affected by blood glucose levels.”

“Reflections Healthcare is transforming patient care with ZyterHome in multiple ways,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter, Inc. “Remote patient monitoring gives their Medicare-age and other high risk patients peace of mind that they can receive quality care for chronic conditions at home just as they would at the office, while the practice itself benefits from opportunities to expand services to new patients.”

Physicians get alerts and notifications on the ZyterHome dashboard when unusual patient data values, such as a increase in blood pressure, are transferred from the patient’s device. Dr. Craig and his medical staff can intervene immediately and prevent an emergeny situation that may demand an ER visit or hospitalization. “When we get an alert on the ZyterHome dashboard that a patient with congestive heart failure has gained 3 pounds in a day or 5 pounds in a week, I can initiate a virtual visit from the dashboard with the patient to find out the cause,”Dr. Craig said. “Intervening early reduces the patients suffering, improves the outcome, and reduces overall medical costs for the insurance provider.”

“Using ZyterHome, Reflections Healthcare has been able to free up appointment times so that the practice can accept more new patients. Before implementing ZyterHome, 5 percent of Reflections Healthcare’s Medicare patients comprised over 15 percent of office visits. We’re finding that the Medicare patients using ZyterHome are scheduling fewer office visits and require fewer urgent care visits and hospitalizations,” said Dr. Craig. “At-home monitoring with ZyterHome is cheaper for everyone in terms of time, money, and personal investment, beyond the benefits of RPM suggested by the literature.”

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