Reproductive health services in Turkey to benefit from Mikrogen and...

Reproductive health services in Turkey to benefit from Mikrogen and Phosphorus partnership

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Mikrogen will launch access to Phosphorus's GeneCompass genetic test as part of its comprehensive Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center services.

FREMONT, CA: A leading preventative genomics firm named Phosphorus has announced their cooperation with Mikrogen, a reproductive genetics-focused genetic testing laboratory, to provide Mikrogen customers in the Middle East and Europe GeneCompass, a Phosphorus holistic, medical-grade genetic test.

Mikrogen Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center has been providing reproductive medicine and embryo genetics services for over 20 years. Their goal is to produce high-quality, standardized, and repeatable solutions by utilizing cutting-edge science and technology. In-depth genetic profiling is a vital component of complete fertility care and long-term health management, and the addition of the GeneCompass test to their services enhances their ability to give the best possible care.

GeneCompass is the first medical-grade genetic test to cover a wide range of significant preventable diseases, along with inherited malignancies and cardiovascular diseases. Endocrinology, vision loss, hearing loss, infertility, neurology, and pharmacogenetics are all covered in GeneCompass medical content. GeneCompass also bridges the gap between medical genomics and wellness by offering a comprehensive wellness panel that covers diet and nutrition, exercise genomics, skin and haircare, and sleep genetics.

Phosphorus is excited to have Mikrogen as a partner in the Middle East for preventative genetic testing. The CEO believes that GeneCompass' medical-grade depth and accuracy would give essential information and complement the services Mikrogen now offers. The company is hopeful and confident that the collaboration would prove to be a successful outcome for the patients. They are dedicated to fostering outstanding teamwork and are prepared to provide dependable services to the community.

Phosphorus' objective is to make genomics a basic element of everyone's health and wellness journey to lengthen and improve lives. It can perform the most comprehensive, medical-grade genetic tests at the pricing level that serve to democratise access to genomic information because it has established a verticalized genetic testing platform that includes everything from wet lab chemistry to software and bioinformatics. In addition, Phosphorus partners with enterprises to provide white-labelling genomics-as-a-service solutions. Thus healthcare clinicians are enabled to make preventative genomics the standard of care.



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