Revation Systems' UC Platform Powering ADHS Witnesses Significant...

Revation Systems' UC Platform Powering ADHS Witnesses Significant Increase in Surge Volume

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, August 07, 2020

The coordination between hospitals to balance patient loads and provide access to resources is essential in preparing for the surge in the number of COVID-19 patients.

FREMONT, CA: In April, Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) has announced the creation of the Arizona Surge Line, the latest service for hospitals and their providers to make sure that COVID-19 patients receive appropriate inpatient placement. The surge line is now live and open 24/7. Hospitals can call at any time and arrange transfer of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases to hospitals that can provide a more appropriate level of care. Revation Systems’ Unified Communications platform was powering the new Arizona Surge Line (ADHS) for the transfer of COVID-19 patients.

Today, ADHS shares an exciting milestone since the announcement of Arizona Surge Line; that is, Revation witnesses a significant increase in surge volume. Revation’s unified communication system LinkLive Healthcare has maintained 100% uptime and been used for 800+ Critically ill COVID-19 positive patient transfers. When Arizona needed to send its transfer center agents remotely, LinkLive was there. Similarly, as the patient volumes exponentially increased at the surge line, the company remained calm. The company is thanking Revation Systems for being the backbone for its work in both the public and private sectors in responding to COVID-19.

Revation’s LinkLive Healthcare solution fuels the free service that is being handled by ADHS. It is tailored to keep hospitals from being overcrowded. The centralized surge line is a way for doctors, hospitals, and health officials to rapidly and securely communicate with each other to make sure that COVID-19 positive patients receive the best care available and that the state’s healthcare resources are used to their fullest extent.

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