Revel Health Introduces New Website to Aid the Healthcare Community...

Revel Health Introduces New Website to Aid the Healthcare Community Stay Ahead of the Curve

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 10, 2022

Revel Health, a Minneapolis-based next-gen health technology company, has launched its new website to help the healthcare community stay ahead of the curve in innovation with valuable and helpful content.

FREMONT, CA: is redesigned to offer fresh, exceptional content quickly and easily, and be a part of something bigger healthcare organizations revolve around a similar mission, which is to make the world a healthier place. The website is one-of-a-kind and, importantly, accessible, a critical component to ensure Revels content and healthcare insights are within reach for everyone.

The new design offers an easy-to-navigate content collection and better overall user experience to keep people coming back to have the option to chat with the Revel team. The content library can be filtered by kind or by topic so visitors can quickly find eBooks, podcasts, and frequent blog updates, as well as sort the collection by critical themes most essential to them inclusive of the latest in social determinants of health, Medicare Star Ratings, healthcare innovation, and many more.

“We are constantly focused on how we can keep reinventing healthcare communications and our website showcases our commitment to aim to better serve clients and people visiting our site,” says Jeff Fritz, Revel Health CEO. “Our new website will provide better ease of use, functionality, content and accessibility for all, including those with disabilities, leading to a healthier community,” concluded Fritz.

Revel Health reimaged the resource browsing experience and incorporated personalized elements for returning visitors to get access to information that they need in real-time. This means the website can provide unique content for every user it recognizes, effortlessly paving their way to the most relevant resources.
“By providing expert resources and content our redesigned website reflects our mission of putting innovative technology to work and creating opportunities to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives,” states Revel Health President, Kyle Gunderson.

Revel Health is a next-gen health technology company that makes the world a healthier place by utilizing innovative and smart technology to formulate health action programs that move people to do things that are good for them. They are revolutionizing the way the healthcare industry communicates with people. By collecting and analyzing robust data, behavioral research, and advanced analytics, Revel Health understands how people prefer to connect and which messages move them, going further than just engagement but leading them to make meaningful health actions. Collaborating with healthcare organizations, Revel Health runs health action programs to create more significant outcomes and healthier humans.

The new site enables Revel Health to engage with their clients and any visitor in a unique way providing the best content to each user, causing them to want to come back, and of course, help Revel Health reach its mission of making the world a healthier place.

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