Rise of Virtual Care: What it Means for the Healthcare Industry

Rise of Virtual Care: What it Means for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 27, 2020

The introduction of virtual care in healthcare facilities has set up better care delivery, which is both affordable and convenient for patients.

FREMONT, CA: Digital technology has been making an impact on access to health care services for quite some time. Today, consumers are using new technologies and expect healthcare providers to deliver the convenience they wish to have. That is why care providers are increasingly offering virtual care services to patients. The concept of virtual care is to provide patients a quality care service that makes their experience more convenient and streamlined, which is in tune with their needs. 

Virtual care gives health care providers the ability to connect with patients. This connectivity through several channels makes it easier for care providers to reach out and interact with their patients. From sharing documents through the virtual care solutions' chat feature, patients can also have real-time access to the information they need. This is critical for ongoing communication, building trust, and enhancing patient engagement.

One of the major issues in medical care communications is how challenging it is for patients to navigate the system and access the information they need. With several contact information, it can be difficult for patients to identify and decide which entities to contact and how to get the service they need. A virtual care platform is an interconnected system that brings together communication mediums including, voice, video, and chats. This enables patients to choose their preferred medium for contact with the care provider, thereby improving their experience and engagement.

Using virtual technology to allow patients to interact with care providers is not just a trend. It is part of the transformation towards making healthcare more affordable and convenient. Setting this as the primary objective, healthcare facilities are improving the flow of care and ensuring patients the support required to lead healthy lives. 

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