RLDatix Announces Acquisition of Verge Health

RLDatix Announces Acquisition of Verge Health

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, November 09, 2020

RLDatix has announced that it has acquired Verge Health, the recognized best-in-class credentialing software provider.

FREMONT, CA: RLDatix, a prominent global provider of intelligent patient safety solutions, has announced that it has acquired Verge Health, the recognized best-in-class credentialing software provider. The acquisition joins two leaders in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) healthcare software market and will drastically increase the speed of a fundamental shift from a reactive method to risk management to one rooted in safety and prevention.

Medical errors are still the third major cause of death in the U.S., and the World Health Organization predicts that the adverse events because of unsafe care is one of the top 10 causes of death and disability worldwide. Such damaging yet preventable events are costly and is responsible for an estimated 15 percent of every hospital's expenses in the OECD countries.

"Healthcares traditionally siloed approach to risk management, patient safety, provider management, and compliance has limited the ability for organizations to mitigate avoidable harm," said Jeff Surges, CEO of RLDatix. "With Verge Health, we are unifying at an enterprise level all of the tools necessary to recognize flawed practices and prevent adverse events. This acquisition represents an enormous acceleration of Applied Safety Intelligence and solidifies our position as the global leader in patient safety software at a time when accreditation organizations like The Joint Commission are expected to take more active steps to reduce adverse events."

RLDatix is the only provider that collaborates with healthcare delivery companies globally to offer a complete view of enterprise risk with the help of a safety-first lens. With this acquisition, RLDatix has united the four central pillars of GRC under one roof, which consist of Safety, Compliance, Provider Management, and Strategic Advisory Services. By improving the conversations about compliance, credentialing, safety, and risk to the enterprise level, RLDatix assists the leaders in making the systemic transformation required for achieving proper harm reduction in a method that will change the delivery of care.

"At Verge Health, improving the safety of patients and caregivers has always been central to our mission," said Connie Moser, CEO of Verge Health. "Our Converge platform was the first to unite safety and compliance with provider management, and our recent launch of Insights, our analytics solution, represents another milestone in the journey to zero harm. Now Verge is taking the next step to advance safety-led risk management by joining with the global leader in patient safety, and we are thrilled to be continuing our work as part of RLDatix."

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